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2016 Award Recipient


"I've never met a person quite like Joanna - there really is something special about her. It's certainly reflected in the other reviews posted here that she brings about change in one's life. She is trustworthy, compassionate, intuitive, and really listens. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to heal their body of pain and/or trauma (both emotional and physical), and/or looking to deepen their connection to themselves and the world around them."

"You cannot find a better acupuncturist, in my humble opinion. I have had the opportunity to have many acupuncture treatments over the last 20 years and I can honestly say, Joanna is the best. Great personable manner, educated and gentle. I have had great results and highly recommend her."

"I have been enjoying the acupuncture services of Joanna Present-Wolfe at Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center for the last two and a half years. She is amazing! I so appreciate and love her warm spirit and open heart! She has helped me immensely with several issues and taken me through a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth. She now supports me in staying energized, relaxed and balanced being a full-time, nursing mama. I have been to see many, many bodyworkers and healers over the years and Joanna is absolutely my favorite. She works on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If I could only afford to do one type of bodywork for my health maintenance, I would choose her work and have!"

"I went to Joanna after a car accident that left me in a lot of pain and with a lot of anxiety. Her treatments always gave me great relief and I found that over time, I needed less frequent treatment and the results lasted for a long time. She is compassionate, kind, and very highly skilled. I have since referred many friends and family members to Joanna, and they have all been very happy with the results!"

"Joanna Wolfe treated me for the last few months to help with relieving pain during my menstrual cycle. She helped me with acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbs. She was not only able to address physical issues but also helped me with my stress in life; she provided me with safe and warm environment and listening ears. She was able to give solid advice with issues I was going through and I valued that as much as her physical therapies. Sessions with her significantly improved my pain during cycle as well as digestion issues I had. I highly recommend Joanna!"

"Thanks to Joanna's acupuncture work I have been through a lot of stress in ease and somehow eradicated smoking from my life! Thank you!"

"Joanna's acupuncture treatment was amazing, a game changer. After years of chronic allergies, I have had no symptoms in the last month!"

"I have been visiting Kwan-Yin for several months now and just love Joanna. I go for acupuncture services. She really listens to what is going on and seems to target just what I need. I leave feeling great which sticks (no pun intended) for a long time. I usually only wait a few minutes to be seen and their scheduling system is super convenient and easy to use. I would recommend Joanna for services any time!"

"Joanna has been a good teacher! With her, I've learned how to hear my body...When I feel something uncomfortable now, instead of wondering how I can make it go away, I wonder what it is trying to tell me."

"I feel so blessed to have Joanna. When I get into my insomnia cycle, she gets me right out of it."

"I just passed my one year cancer anniversary. I just got all my scans and blood work done, and every test came back normal or negative. I am officially in remission, there are no signs of cancer. Joanna played a huge part in this healing process and helping me grow from the inside."

"Joanna has been an extraordinary healer for me and for my 12-year-old daughter. In just a few months of treatments, she's helped me significantly reduce anxiety and depression, and improve my digestion and sleep. She's steered me through what's turned out to be my easiest-ever cold and flu season, and today I feel stronger than ever. As for my daughter, when I brought her in a few months ago, she was suffering from severe allergies despite a daily dose of Zertec for symptoms. She had just been diagnosed with asthma, and her sleep was routinely rocky and unrestful, despite the help of melatonin supplementation. Today, my daughter is off the Zertec, has few, if any, allergic symptoms whatsoever, and has had no hints of asthma since her diagnosis. She sleeps soundly almost every night, and has phased out the melatonin almost entirely. On top of that, she's clearly a happier kid. The speed and profundity of these changes seem miraculous. Given all this, we'd be seeing Joanna even if we didn't particularly enjoy the visits. Yet, visiting Joanna is a joy for me and for my daughter. As my daughter puts it, "Joanna is uber-nice." And, she is. I benefit as much from her kind healing spirit and her wisdom as from anything else. She is a huge plus in our lives."

"Joanna is a gifted soul-reader, radiant with compassion and wisdom. I regularly recommend her to my friends, family and coworkers."

“Joanna has been working with me (acupuncture & nutrition) for several years. This session was a fascinating departure from the routine as she introduced me to totally new concepts and perspectives derived from the Map. She tied in many aspects of our work leading up to the Map session into the concepts from the map, many of which illuminated and gave additional depth and insight to me about my personal changes over the past years. Really enlightening. Joanna is very articulate and conveys information with clarity and deep understanding of her client’s 'personal language' and history. A truly powerful healer and helper in my life now has an entirely new set of tools to bring to her work. Very exciting!”

“The alignment and clearing practices have been very helpful to me. This whole coaching process has really helped me release the “I can’t’s” that have been holding me back from my next career steps. My old money and fear obstacles no longer seem like valid reasons. I finally feel like I can dream without immediately shutting myself down, and I find that things have improved with my partner as a result!”

For stress relief, sleep insomnia treatment, anxiety and depression treatment, or an energy boost, contact Joanna in Portland, OR.

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